The Mack's Secret Persuasion Manual [PDF]

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Mack Game For The Serious Student...

Wouldn't it be great if you could always get women to see things your way? Now you’ll be able to. Macks have always been known as the elite ladies men. The best of the best. Still today when a guy is talking to a woman people might say, “Look. He’s getting his mack on!”

Why are Macks so good with women? It’s because they understand psychology... in particular female psychology.

FACT: You won't get far with women if you can't bring them around to your way of thinking.

The Mack’s Secret Persuasion Manual reveals some of the most powerful influencing tactics a man could ever have. This may sound all covert and secretive, because it is. When you understand these triggers and put them to use, she won’t even notice.

Are these tactics underhanded? Honestly, they aren’t. In fact, these are the VERY SAME psychological triggers used by huge companies to market and advertise thousands of products and services to women. Year in, year out. They’re practical. They’re effective. They’re proven. You'll gain the ability to inspire her to make the choices you want her to make.

OK… maybe call these slightly unfair.

  • Build and maintain attraction
  • Increase her responsiveness
  • Change her perspectives
  • Easily get your points across
  • Gain her compliance to your requests
  • Keep her motivated
  • Form a stronger bond of trust

In this manual I’m going to teach you 9 influencing triggers (and one sneaky tactic) that can be used in both dating and committed relationships. They’re easy to learn, simple to understand and get results. Once you learn them you’ll realize you've been trying to influence women "backwards". Your entire approach has been wrong all along.

No PUA. No NLP. Just authentic Mack Game and proven psychology. In just days you can start hearing her say, “Yes,” a lot more!

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The Mack's Secret Persuasion Manual [PDF]

8 ratings
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