Audio Lesson - Mack Memoirs: Stories & Lessons From The Other Side

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Direct Insight and Real Stories From An Experienced Mack

Many of you already know my story. I started 3 businesses, the first 2 failed and the 3rd one succeeded. I spent years Hustling on the streets and it was during this time that I learned "The Game". Also during that time I was introduced to a “layer” of The Game called, Macking.

So, Macking – what is it? It’s about you and a woman (or group of women) coming together to build something extraordinary for the future. Before you can get to that level though, you first have to learn HOW to be GOOD with women. You must understand both manhood and womanhood to a very high degree.

Modern day Macks are NOT Pimps – pimps make their money within the sex industry – the modern Mack doesn’t (usually).

So, here I was Hustling and looking to get myself off the streets, which meant I needed a plan and a team to help execute it. I went on a mission to find the most qualified (capable) women I could find. Some were ex-strippers; others were corporate 9-to-5 working women ; a few were straight-up "hood"; some were looking for a better way to live; and others just wanted me because I represented a certain level of manhood they weren't used to.

Since the release of my book, The Mack’s Bible – How to Have More Women and Take Back Your Manhood, this is the first time I’m talking about the "hidden science" of the Mack Game.

In this Audio Lesson I’ll be sharing a few of my personal stories and passing along real Mack Game wisdom because honestly, people have many misconceptions about it...

A Mack's legendary power over women is a reflection of the power he has over himself. Without Real Game (knowledge, wisdom and understanding), that might sound confusing. And without the proper knowledge to form your Inner Game - your Outer Game WILL NOT be effective. Period! You'll just be "acting" - and women can spot fakeness coming from miles away.

Imagine you and I sitting down at a table together and me giving you direct instruction about the Mack Game. This is over 2-hours of authentic Game that’s worth far more than what you’ll be paying for. I challenge you to find a certified Mack to sit down with you and "chop up" Game for 2-hours at a price LESS than a bottle of Hennessey VS Cognac.

Here’s just some of what you’ll learn:

  • How to choose the MAIN woman that's right for what you want
  • Where I “dropped the ball” with my very first team (stable) of 2 women and how you can AVOID it
  • The difference between "hard-line" and "soft-line" Mackin' and why you should use BOTH
  • How to create situations where women will fulfill your SEXUAL fantasies
  • What your agenda SHOULD be with women so you don't get played like a Trick
  • Why most women who "leave" you will come right BACK - if you're Macking correctly that is
  • One of the biggest mistakes I made and how it cost me my BEST girl at the time
  • And there’s much, much more…

Find out for yourself things I did, things I said and where I made critical mistakes so you won’t make them. This is pure authentic 100% Game.

A Mack is gentleman – but on HIS terms NOT the woman’s terms. Go “behind the curtain” and see what this “layer” of the Game is REALLY about. For those seeking this information for their own Game; and for those that are very curious – there’s NOTHING else out there like this.

Run-time: Over 2 hours

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Audio Lesson - Mack Memoirs: Stories & Lessons From The Other Side

8 ratings
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