Audio Lesson - How to Reprogram Your Mind for Greatness - A Beginner's Guide

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Did You Know That You Have More Than 1 Mind?

Have you ever noticed that when you try to do something outside of your “comfort-zone” your mind tells you all the reasons why you CAN’T do it?

Why can you desire more, but your own mind will tell you that you can’t have it? Well that’s because you have 2 different minds and they “battle” against each other constantly. All day, every day – 24/7.

Your powerful mind will always return an answer. But, here’s the kicker, your mind will return what IT thinks is right – not what YOU think is right.

Yes, I said your mind gives you what IT thinks is right. Which means that your mind has a mind of its own, so to speak. It returns what we call “the negative” because it’s trying to protect you. Let me explain.

Your mind is always trying to protect you from whatever IT thinks IT needs to protect you from! It could be embarrassment, disappointment, frustration, losing money, getting yourself into situations you may not be ready for, etc.

So here YOU are saying, “I would like to start my own business.” And then there’s your mind giving you a list of reasons why that’s NOT a good idea. Doesn’t that strike you as odd? It’s almost like you have 2 different minds... and the reality is, you do.

In this Audio Lesson I’m going to explain to you about your 2 different minds – what they do and how they function. To be successful at ANYTHING, you have to get these 2 different minds into a form of COOPERATION so they no longer fight with one another.

  • Get over your fears, doubts and worries because you’ll know exactly WHERE they come from
  • How your own mind is your GREATEST opponent in "The Game"
  • Learn how 2 people can do the same thing and why 1 person will fail and the other SUCCEED
  • Discover how you’ve been programmed by others and how to use the SAME methods for your own benefit
  • Learn the importance of being completely CLEAR with what you want and why it’s important
  • Understand how your mind stores and accesses information - and how you can program it to use only the BEST information
  • What the "secret sauce" is and why you should use it when you’re making plans and goals
  • Learn about the "abundance of nature" but why it doesn’t GIVE to everyone
  • How to trigger 1 of your minds so you can start thinking about yourself as an ABOVE average person
  • I’ll walk you step-by-step through a simple mental REPROGRAMMING method originally developed for myself and my clients – it’s easy to learn, easy to use and it works!
  • And there's much more of course

Everyone agrees that the power of the mind is immense. If reality is largely mental, then doesn’t it make sense to know HOW to effectively use your mind?

This Audio Lesson was originally a 3-part series made for the Subscribers to my newsletter, The Uncommon Sense Adviser. With so much great feedback, I decided to take ALL 3 parts and put them into a single MP3.

Start pulling yourself out of “The Matrix” and start taking back control of your mind. Your mind is with you at all times. Learn to get it working FOR you instead of AGAINST you!

Run-time: Over 2 hours

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Audio Lesson - How to Reprogram Your Mind for Greatness - A Beginner's Guide

2 ratings
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