Audio Lesson - The Game & Self-Empowerment 101

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The Challenge

Could I teach the basics of The Game and the Power of the Mind as it relates to The Game in 90 minutes or less? And do ALL that with a group of people who knew absolutely nothing about the subject?

This Audio Lesson was recorded LIVE – Just me, a flip-chart, a group of open-minded people and a timer. To even further the challenge, I agreed to let the audience ask questions at the end of each section. This was to ensure that what I taught was simple, clear and easily understood.

Was I able to do it without watering down this potent information? You bet I did!

This information is for those who desire to empower themselves – to make themselves stronger, more powerful and effective in life. In order to accomplish this, you need the right information, not useless opinions and “socially correct” theories. The truth has no friends.

This information changed my life and the lives of countless others. Now I offer you some of this knowledge in a powerful audio presentation.

It has always been a tradition in The Game for it to be passed from mouth to ear. Those that are ready for it will forever be touched by it. It literally changes the way you look at the World and yourself. I make that claim with no hesitation.

Some of what you’ll learn in just 90 minutes:

• The hidden structure of the Game that runs the World – And why they don’t want you to know it.

• How your powerful mind works and how others use it against you.

• How your mind is literally programmed by others and how you can reprogram it yourself.

• Why the way they teach goal setting is ineffective.

• Why ‘positive affirmations’ and ‘creative visualization’ has limits (unless you know how they really work).

• What thinking the ‘right way’ really is and how to start developing it in yourself.

• The 9 Dominant Principles of the Game (the way I teach it).

• The essence of the true original Game

• The “layers” of modern Game (hustling, pimping & macking) and how they all tie back in to the true original Game.

• How the Game can be used for mental and emotional liberation, or mental and emotional enslavement.

• Why forgiving people who have wronged you is a decision you should seriously think about.

• And much more!

This is far beyond just a crash course on The Game itself. In this Audio Lesson I go deep into how the mind works. And why the mind is the most important tool of The Game.

These are secrets they don’t want you to know. And you will better understand why this information is considered priceless by many. As always, I guarantee that many of you have never heard anything like this before!

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Audio Lesson - The Game & Self-Empowerment 101

10 ratings
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