Audio Lesson - Advanced Game: The Bible & Genesis Chapter 3

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“They’re Going to Hate Me For This!”

Everything has a point of origin. And this Audio Lesson reveals the origin of the True Original Game which all other Games came from. A few people have asked me, “James you talk about high level Game. What is it? When are you going to talk about it?” Well, be careful what you ask for because you may not be ready!

When I speak about the Game being hundreds of years old, I wasn’t joking or being facetious. In fact the Game has its own view point of events in the Old Testament of the Holy Bible. In particular the Torah, the first 5 books of the Bible – Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers and Deuteronomy.

In this Audio Lesson I will be breaking down the origin of the Game using Genesis Chapter 3. This chapter concerns Adam and Eve, the serpent and the “Fall of Man”. I will explain verse by verse how the events in the Garden of Eden translate into the Game’s perspective of the World and why this knowledge is so important to your personal development.

In just a little over 80 minutes, this is what you’ll hear:

• See where the Game originated – broken down using symbolism taken directly from the Holy Bible

• Learn where the concept of Dominant forces and Weak forces originated (from the perspective of the Game)

• Is light really “good” and darkness really “bad”? Or did someone reverse their meanings?

• See what Adam and Eve represent in the Game

• Why Eve was so easily seduced by the serpent – explained in simple English

• What the “Tree of knowledge of good and evil” and the “apple” which Adam and Eve ate represents

• How did the serpent even get into the garden? Did you ever think to ask that question? I’ll give you the Game’s simple perspective

• Discover the 7 weaknesses in human beings cleverly “hidden” throughout Genesis chapter 3

• Learn why you should weed these 7 “weak” attributes out of your character

• Also learn how people work through these 7 “weak” attributes to manipulate and control you

• Come to terms with your current station in life and decide where you want to be

• And of course, there’s much more…

When you hear this information I guarantee you will look at every area of your life different. I’m extremely close to breaking a code of silence with this Audio Lesson, so please respect how powerful this information is. This isn’t the so-called Game that you get from books and internet videos. Like everything I produce, this is the real deal. I laid it all out as simple as I could so that anyone can follow along and soak up every word.

This is authentic High Level Game (knowledge) that is kept secret between real Players. And no, that isn’t a sales pitch – I’m being very serious. I leave the decision on you. If you’re really trying to understand the Game on the deepest level possible, then this is something you must have in your information arsenal. You can’t know where you’re going in the Game unless you know where the Game came from.

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Audio Lesson - Advanced Game: The Bible & Genesis Chapter 3

8 ratings
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